Friday, May 29, 2015

Moved to a new site

Hi i have a new site and blog now

the blog can be found at

also that secret project i was working on back in 2009, no idea what it was but it was probably some RPG game. or an idea for one or something. anyway i will be posting development progress on my current project at the new blog.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


The on-line game Miniconomy is a game about starting a business and trading resources with the computer and other players. This is currently round 106 of Miniconomy each round is 3 weeks long I'm jumping in at the end of week 2 for this round.this is a game that really takes a lot of time. The goal of the game is to become economically successful resources must be gathered from lots you buy you can then sell these resources or refine them into products and then sell them. You start off with 1000 ISH which is the currency system, and space is measured in Squst which is also pretty strange. I chose to start in the country of Virtua mainly because the other country DigitaliĆ« gave me a warning that it was in some kind of digital strife and violence was being used against traders.

 Upon selecting my country I was giving a choice of city I chose Nasdaqar because it sounded funny. The game starts out with you having 1 warehouse with 10 squst and 100 litres of gas. I built a shop on 19 Second Street, now I just needed something to sell so I bought a vacant lot with some trees on it, after a little searching I found out I needed to buy some saws and put skill points into my tree cutting down skills. After cutting down a tree I find out my inventory can only hold 3 trees and my shop can only hold one, i try to upgrade my warehouse to hold more but for that i need to buy bricks and iron but I can’t because my warehouse is full of trees. So I have to sell the trees one by one in my store for 11 ISH, a price i got by taking a look at what other people were selling them for. PS screw you super mega tree mart, and you unbelievably low prices ...
               The game hopes to teach the players about money management and how economies work, it really makes you think on my first play-thorough I figured id just make a whole bunch of wood planks and then sell them for profit... I didn't bother to research the market or anything our I would have realized there was no demand for these planks and they just sat in my store. The game is very complex, each city is governed by the players and law enforcement is chosen by the mayors of the city. I talked to one of the police officers in the chat bar , that's how I found out about no one wanting to buy my planks, he then told me how he was offered 60 days premium membership to travel to another city and guard some rich guy. Turns out this rich guy was basically a criminal mastermind who had taken over the city. The police officers title was revoked and he was demoted back to citizen. He then contacted a lawyer in game who helped him get his police officer license back.
The picture above is what my warehouse looks like you can see I have 74 unit of gas to transport my goods one tree ready to be chopped into 50 units of boards and 75 boards already cut ready to be moved into my store once those 75 boards sell. and one saw to cut up that tree.

This is my super fancy store where I sell all my wood and stuff. 
This is my info card for the game and below that is shows all the different good that can be produced.

               After wasting my money on building a house which just lets you make a sorta blog thing, having only 100ISH I decided to turn to a life of crime and bought a screw driver which is required to steal an item from a store for some reason, saw a shiny new phone 300ISH if I had that I could boost the marketing of my store... and I get caught and I am fined 400 some ISH so now I'm negative funds .
               Starting again in a better city this time I try to sell my wood planks , tourists seem to be buying my planks regularly but at about 6pm they just stop maybe it’s a time thing I dunno. I see that there are only 4 lots of land left for sale by roads at 100ISH each I quickly buy all of them and put them for sale at 120ISH HAHAHA. If anyone wants to build a store they must buy the land from me, made some easy money this way.
               I was reading the rules of the game and one of them was no cartels to raise prices, i found this funny that you could form a cartel, after clicking the turn advanced menu on all of a sudden there are new resources to make eg guns dynamite gunpowder and various other things, it also added a stock market where players could buy and sell stocks. Players can also form companies to expand their business operations. There are players who run taxi cab services and charge for taking you from city to city. If you cut into people business to much they can hire people to come beat you up or shoot you, then you have to make bulletproof vests or higher bodyguard who take damage of your person onto theirs , and these bodyguards are actual in game players.
What I learned from playing Miniconomy is supply and demand, the need to specialize in a market to make your products cheaply and effectively  manage money and balance sheets,politics, crime doesn't pay. and a plethora of other business related things I think if I played for a couple rounds I would have a firm understanding of how trading and economics works.   

And for fun here is my income statement from the game

Overall i would say Miniconomy is a fairly good educational game it allows you to jump right into the world of economics with out you having to worry about loosing any real money, game play could have been a little faster though, perhaps being able to sell your goods to a store instead of waiting for someone to buy it or having to search for a buyer.

I give it 4/5 stars.


Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm currently working on a secret project, a project so secret in fact that my sentence is just going to trail off............

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another day another Game

Well Matts working on another game so im helping him with the artwork for his game, i think its going to be some kind of 2d shoot-em up, the game is 2d but the levels are prerendered 3d images, so that's where i come in. i think its going to turn out pretty cool, oh did i mention it has robots?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Game contest

Me and my friend recently entered a game design contest he did the hard things like coding and animation well i did concept art and 3d modeling i also made the music. The theme for the contest was Ritual it didn't make a lot of sense but we made a game where you whack wizards to stop their Rituals you can download the game from HERE

First Post

I am probably never going to use this .....and then probably forget about it......then find it again when I'm randomly googling my name lol.